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A working sprinkler enhances the health of your lawn

A broken lawn sprinkler system can make your outdoor plants susceptible to various diseases.  The broken parts of the system can also harbor microorganisms that can easily find their way to your plants.  If your grass is too wet in some spots, it can cause weeds to grow, making your lawn look unsightly. Dry patches mean that the grass in those areas is unhealthy and is lacking water or other nutrients, making it susceptible to disease and weeds.

With a functional irrigation system, your lawn will look great and aesthetically attractive.   Irrigation repair ensures that your lawn plants stay watered uniformly all the time. With a great looking lawn, you can increase the value of your home, should you wish to sell it in future.  A good looking lawn attracts potential buyers to a property.

Lawn sprinklers should be in prime condition at all time

Our experts can undertake your lawn sprinkler system repair to ensure that it’s done properly.  We are also backflow certified which means that we can test, repair, and certify backflow preventers.  Apart from irrigation repair, we do a variety of irrigation system checks to ensure that your system is working properly.

Some of the common repairs that we can do for you include pipe break or leaks, broken nozzles, leaking valves and sprinklers, missing nozzles, overspray on sidewalks, and backflow testing and repair.

Save water throughout the year.  Do not entertain an irrigation system that sprinkles more than it should.

We guarantee you that with consistent lawn sprinklers working just right, you will lower your water bills.

Get Professional Irrigation Repair Anytime

Many benefits come with having a programmable irrigation system.  When you have an irrigation system, it is easier to water your outdoor plants - trees, plants, shrubs and lawn.  Irrigation repair and maintenance of the systems is crucial to keep them functional and in good condition all the time.

Apart from saving money, there are other benefits that a lawn sprinkler system that is in perfect condition has.

When we do regular maintenance and repair for your sprinkler system, your plants receive the right amount of water at the right time.  It also enables us to check any damage to the system that may prevent it from functioning well or cause flooding and draining issues. Additionally, you will conserve water when your irrigation system functions well.

Call 337-313-3002 for your sprinkler and irrigation repair.  Attempting to do it yourself could result in you losing more water and money, or even rendering the system unusable.