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Transform Your Lawn With Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

Do you have an unkempt lawn?  Is it an eyesore anytime you look at it?  Maybe you dream of those lush manicured lawns you see in home improvement magazines.  You need our landscape maintenance services in Lake Charles, Sulphur LA and surrounding area.

Contact Tender Care Lawn Service to help you take care of your lawn.  With our professional landscape maintenance services team, you will no longer feel apprehensive when you invite guests or have clients coming to your place of business.  We have everything we need to help us do the job quickly and efficiently. A good lawn doesn’t just happen, it takes a good lawn care company to make it happen for you.

We recruit the best talent for creative works.  When you call us, we will dispatch a team for maintaining your landscape.  They will employ professional techniques when it comes to improving your landscaped areas.

Since your lawn is the first thing that people notice when they visit your home or commercial establishment, it is important to make the right impressions.  That is why our expert landscape maintenance services are designed to help you.  TCLS will transform your lawn to make it aesthetically appealing and refreshing for the eyes.

Our promise with our lawn maintenance services

The value and appeal of your home or commercial establishment will increase, thanks to the transformation that we will bring about.  Landscape maintenance services will keep your lawn thriving, making your home a haven to want to come back to everyday.

Landscape Before and After
Affordable Lawn Maintenance Services

Extensive array of landscape maintenance services

We promise consistency and attention to detail in our work.  You will not have to deal with an overgrown lawn. From trimming and shaping your hedges, re-mulching plant and flower beds, removing or installing plants and trees, and more, we do it all.  Additionally, we offer vegetation control, fertilization, weed killer and turf and ornamental pest control services, and many more lawn care services in Lake Charles, Sulphur LA and surrounding area.  

We are available all year long to ensure that your lawn looks great throughout the year.  You deserve the most reliable landscape management services, and we will follow through to ensure that your lawn looks great all the times.

You can also hire us to help clean the areas that would be difficult for you to clean by yourself without the proper training and equipment. Don’t break your back doing outdoor cleaning and maintenance work.  Let us do it for you.

If you have an inspiring idea you would like to see implemented on your landscaping, let us know.  You can also contact us for more information about our available lawn and landscape management services or questions about your lawn.  Let us transform your nice lawn to a home-improvement-magazine lawn.