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Lawn fertilizer service for a healthy and happy garden

We have a great reputation in our service area and one of the things that has contributed to this reputation is that we know the importance of a full fertilization regimen. When you sign up for our lawn fertilizer service, you’re choosing to be proactive about the health of your grass, trees, and other plants.

Although turf grass is hardy and can grow in some not so friendly places, it still needs fertilization. We have a great fertilization strategy in our turf maintenance program for all types of lawns.

We will first analyze your soil and determine the nutrients that are available and what it is lacking so that we can apply the right fertilizers. Our lawn fertilizer service will be mapped out for a whole year because the lawn requires different nutrients at different times of the year.

While it is commonly known that the most important macronutrients for turf grass are nitrogen for photosynthesis, phosphorus for cell regeneration and growth and potassium for disease and drought resistance, knowing how to apply the three in the right measure is also very important. With TCLS, you will be entrusting the health of your lawn to renowned experts in southwest Louisiana, people who have a passion for growing things.

If your lawn looks scrawny and the turf displays different colors, call us for a survey. We will then include lawn fertilizer service and weed killer for lawns in our lawn maintenance services for you.

Seasonal lawn fertilizer services

As part of our 6-step year-round lawn care program, we care for your lawn year-round. We know what to expect from the weather, what your particular turf needs, and ensure that your soil and plants are well fed and nourished according to their specific requirements throughout the different seasons.

We perform soil testing, soil aeration, application of pre and post-emergent, fertilizer, potassium, iron, granular weed control, and insecticide as needed, to ensure that your lawn and plants get what they need only and aren’t overwhelmed with unnecessary treatments.

This planned approach keeps your lawn healthy season after season.

Call 337-313-3002 to sign up for our year-round lawn maintenance service and let us make your lawn a haven for you and your family.