Customers & Testimonials

Had our yard done today by Tender Care Lawn Service…beautiful, professional job! A pleasure to work with also! Would absolutely recommend them to anyone…in fact, I did!!

Marion Havard Aguillard

The work was done for my elderly mother. A couple of weeks ago Percy visited my mother & discussed what needed to be done. They he spent a little time just chatting with my mom, laughing and cutting up. This made my mom feel comfortable with him. She described him as a sweet man, very Christian, very polite, and courteous. Two men from the company did the work at mom’s house. She felt so comfortable with them there, that she left to run errands. When I talked to her later that afternoon she bragged non-stop about the 2 men and how professional they were in there attitude and work ethics. She and I are extremely pleased with Tender Care Lawn Service

Sue Bergeron

We have been using Tender Care Lawn Service since the summer of 2014 and very pleased with the service they provide as well as the friendly correspondence with the owners. I do plan to use them next season as well!!!!

Bob/Rhonda Harrington

They have provided great customer service. They take care of all my lawn services. When I call they respond to my request and I have been very satisfied.

Cindy Benton

Great group of guys! Very professional from start to finish! They will be done before you have time to notice they were there, and the yard always looks perfect.

Kade LaFleur