Landscaping companies recommend living Christmas trees

Why landscaping companies recommend living Christmas trees

As Christmas draws near, folks look forward to the tradition of decorating their Christmas tree with their families. Often there’s a debate on whether to use a cut tree or an artificial one. Landscaping companies now present another contender for consideration – a living Christmas tree. Those that are afflicted by allergies may choose an […]

Landscaping companies share tips on soil erosion management

Landscaping companies share tips on avoiding soil erosion

Landscaping companies know that soil erosion is a common enough problem that can cause pain and heartache.  After designing and establishing your lawn, it can be quite a surprise to find that over time, your yard is no longer level or that heavy rains have washed away precious soil from your trees and plants. Understanding […]

Learn about hydroseeding from our lawn care services team

Learn about hydroseeding from our lawn care services experts

Our lawn care services team is often engaged to establish a lawn for new homeowners.  Establishing a new lawn can be accomplished in different ways depending on preference, requirements, and area of the land.  Common options are growing a lawn from seed, laying out sod, or even hydroseeding. What our lawn care services team recommends […]

Landscape Maintenance Services - Weathering the Storm

Landscape maintenance services that weather the storm

Landscaping companies are often in high demand during the months of June through September because of storms. In addition to our usual landscape maintenance services, we often get calls after a storm due to storm related damage. Being proactive is the best way to go to avoid having to wait for a cleanup crew to […]

Tender Care Lawn Service offers Grass Cutting Services for Stinging Grass

Our lawn maintenance services and grass cutting services team talks about stinging grass

Our grass cutting services team often comes across vicious weeds in yards during our regular maintenance.  Our clients too sometimes have the misfortune of discovering vengeful flora and hastily contact our lawn maintenance services team for the guidance and assistance.  What could possibly be the cause of such fear and loathing?  Stinging plants and grass […]

Landscaping companies prefer mulching over bagging

Why landscaping companies prefer mulching over bagging

Landscaping companies discuss certain options with their customers.  Among these is the choice of mulching or bagging grass clippings.  There are some folks that prefer bagging so that they don’t have to deal with the possibility of grass clippings getting blown about or even out of lack of knowledge of the benefits of mulching.  Our […]